Microsoft Office 365 Training Materials for IT Trainers

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Microsoft Office 365 Courseware

The Complete Office Training Library


  • Includes all the courses listed on this page
    – Office 2016 & Office 365
    – Windows 10 & Windows 11
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Office 365 Courseware & Windows 11 Training Materials


Course OutlineSample Download
Word 365 FoundationAvailable soon
Word 365 IntermediateAvailable soon
Word 365 AdvancedAvailable soon
Excel 365 FoundationAvailable soon
Excel 365 IntermediateAvailable soon
Excel 365 AdvancedAvailable soon
PowerPoint 365 FoundationAvailable soon
PowerPoint 365 IntermediateAvailable soon
PowerPoint 365 AdvancedAvailable soon
Access 365 FoundationAvailable soon
Access 365 IntermediateAvailable soon
Access 365 AdvancedAvailable soon
Outlook 365 FoundationAvailable soon
Edge FoundationAvailable soon
Windows 11 FoundationAvailable soon