Microsoft Access 365 Training Materials – Intermediate

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Access 365 Training Materials – Intermediate Level



  • Specifying a trusted location
  • Specifying the default file location



  • Creating a query
  • Adding (and removing) criteria to a query
  • Running a query
  • Editing criteria in a query
  • Creating a two table query and sorting the results
  • Refining your query
  • What are wildcards?
  • Deleting a query
  • Hiding and un-hiding fields within a query



  • What are reports?
  • Creating a simple report
  • Using the report wizard
  • Modifying the report view
  • Widening a report column
  • Modifying the report title
  • Adding a logo to a report
  • Formatting a form using themes
  • Modifying field names within a report
  • Inserting and formatting the date & time
  • Adding existing fields to a report
  • Resizing reports for printing
  • Totals
  • Closing a report
  • Deleting a report



  • What is a table lookup?
  • Creating a lookup within a field
  • Modifying a lookup within a field
  • Deleting a lookup within a field
  • What is an input mask?
  • Creating an input mask
  • Modifying an input mask
  • Deleting an input mask
  • What does data entry required/not required mean?
  • Modifying a field to require data entry
  • Modifying a field so that it does not require data entry



  • What is a one-to-one relationship?
  • Creating a one-to-one relationship
  • Modifying a one-to-one table relationship
  • Deleting a one-to-one table relationship
  • What is a one-to-many table relationship?
  • Creating a one-to-many relationship
  • Modifying a one-to-many relationship
  • Deleting a one-to-many relationship
  • What is a many-to-many relationship?
  • Creating a many-to-many relationship using a junction table
  • Modifying or deleting a many-to-many relationship
  • What is referential integrity?
  • Enforcing referential integrity
  • Applying automatic updating of related fields
  • Applying automatic deletion of related records



  • Applying an inner join
  • Modifying an inner join
  • Applying an outer join
  • Modifying an outer join
  • Creating a subtract join
  • Modifying a subtract join
  • What is a self join?
  • Applying a self join



  • What does exporting data mean?
  • What is a spread sheet format?
  • What is text only and csv format?
  • What is a pdf file?
  • What is an xml file?
  • Exporting a table as an excel file
  • Exporting a table as a text file (keeping data format & layout)
  • Exporting a table as a text csv formatted file
  • Exporting a table as a pdf formatted file
  • Exporting a table as an XPS formatted file



  • Considerations before printing
  • Print previewing
  • Which orientation, portrait or landscape?
  • Adjusting the layout within print preview
  • Setting page margins
  • Printing a complete table
  • Printing selected records
  • Printing a query or reports
  • Printing forms