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Excel 2010 Advanced courseware training materials for IT Trainers

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Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Training Materials

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Training Course Outline

Excel 2010 Pivot Tables

  •     Using a Pivot Table.
  •     Filtering and Sorting Data
  •     Grouping Data

 Excel 2010 Input Tables

  •     One-Input Data Tables.
  •     Two-Input Data Tables.

Charts within  Excel 2010

  •     Combined Line and Column Chart.
  •     Adding a Secondary Axis.
  •     Changing the Chart Type For a Data Series.
  •     Adding a Data Series to a Chart.
  •     Removing a Data Series from a Chart.
  •     Modifying the Chart Title, Legend & Data Labels.
  •     Chart Axis Scales.
  •     Inserting Images Into Chart Columns.
  •     Formatting the Chart Area

 Excel 2010 Hyperlinks

  •     Inserting a Hyperlink.
  •     Editing a Hyperlink
  •     Removing a Hyperlink

Linking & Embedding

  •     Linking Data within a Worksheet.
  •     Linking Cells between Worksheets within a Workbook.
  •     Linking Data between Workbooks.
  •     Linking Data from Excel to a Word Document.
  •     Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document.
  •     Updating, Locking and Breaking Links.

Importing Text Files

  •     Importing a Delimited Text File.

Sorting and Filtering Data

  •     Sorting Data by Multiple Columns
  •     Custom Sorts
  •     Customized List
  •     AutoFilter.
  •     Top 10 AutoFilter.
  •     Advanced Filter Criteria.
  •     Sub-Totalling.
  •     Removing Subtotals.
  •     Expanding and Collapsing Outline Detail.

Tracking and Reviewing Changes

  •     Enabling or Disabling ‘Track Changes’.
  •     Sharing, Comparing and Merging Worksheets.


  •     Scenario Manager.
  •     Scenario Summary Reports.


  •     Whole Number.
  •     Decimal Number.
  •     List.
  •     Date.
  •     Time.
  •     Text Length.
  •     Validation Input Message and Error Alert.
  •     Removing Data Validation.


  •     Tracing Precedent Cells.
  •     Tracing Dependent Cells.
  •     Identifying Cells With Missing Dependents.
  •     Showing All Formulas In a Worksheet.
  •     Comments..


  •     Using Macros
  •     Assigning a Macro to a Button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  •     Deleting Macros.

Passwords & Security Issues

  •     Password Protection.
  •     Password Protecting Cells and Worksheets.
  •     Hiding Formulas.
  •     Un-Hiding Formulas.

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