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Customising Microsoft Word 2013

  • Customising Microsoft Word
  • Setting the user name
  • Setting the default opening and saving folder

Proofing and printing within Word 2013

  • The importance of proofing
  • Spell checking a document
  • Adding words to the built-in custom dictionary
  • Removing a word from the spell checking dictionary
  • Printing options
  • Selecting a printer
  • Selecting what to print
  • Setting the number of copies to print
  • Setting the pages per sheet
  • Previewing and printing a Word document

Word 2013 compatibility mode

  • What is compatibility mode?
  • Using the convert button

Advanced paragraph formatting in Word 2013

  • Line spacing formatting options
  • Using the widow/orphan control
  • Using ‘keep lines together’
  • Using the ‘keep with next’ option
  • Using ‘page break before’
  • Applying and modifying multilevel list formatting

Advanced picture manipulation in Word 2013

  • Compatibility mode & picture editing
  • Screen shot of complete application window
  • Clipping screen shots
  • Screen shots using the keyboard
  • Picture tools
  • Removing a background
  • Picture corrections
  • Picture colour
  • Picture artistic effects
  • Compressing pictures
  • Resetting pictures
  • Picture styles
  • Picture borders
  • Cropping a picture

Word 2013 and sections

  • What are section breaks?
  • Inserting ‘next page’ section breaks
  • Inserting ‘odd page’ section breaks
  • Changing the section break type
  • Deleting section breaks
  • Changing the page orientation within sections
  • Changing margins within sections

Headers, footers and sections

  • Applying different headers and footers to each section within a document
  • Applying different headers and footers to the first page
  • Applying different headers and footers to odd and even pages

Watermarks and Word 2013

  • Adding a pre-defined watermark
  • Adding a custom text watermark
  • Removing a watermark
  • Modifying a text watermark
  • Adding a picture watermark

Advanced table manipulation within Word 2013

  • Table styles
  • Merging cells within a table
  • Splitting cells within a table
  • Modifying cell alignment
  • Modifying cell margins
  • Modifying text direction within cells
  • Repeating the table heading row for multi-page tables
  • Controlling row breaking across pages
  • Performing a single column sort
  • Multilevel sorting
  • Converting delimited text to a table
  • Converting a table to text

Manipulating styles in Word 2013

  • What are styles?
  • Applying styles
  • Types of styles
  • Creating a paragraph style
  • Creating a character style
  • Modifying a style
  • Enabling automatic style updating
  • Deleting a style

Text wrapping and pictures

  • Applying ‘in line’ picture text wrapping
  • Applying ‘square’ wrapping picture formatting
  • Applying ‘tight’ picture wrapping
  • Applying ‘behind text’ picture wrapping
  • Applying ‘in front of text’ picture wrapping
  • Applying wrapping to an AutoShape
  • Applying wrapping formatting to a chart
  • Applying wrapping formatting to a photograph
  • Applying wrapping formatting to a diagram
  • Text wrapping options within Microsoft Word tables

Using columns within Word 2013

  • Applying column formatting to an entire document
  • Applying column formatting to just ‘selected text’
  • Changing number of columns within a column layout
  • Changing column widths and spacing
  • Using pre-set column formatting
  • Inserting and removing lines between columns
  • Inserting column breaks
  • Deleting column breaks

Autocorrect in Word 2013

  • Creating, modifying and deleting an autocorrect entry

Building blocks

  • Creating and inserting building block items
  • Modifying a building block item
  • Deleting a building block (AutoText) item

Advanced find and replace features in Word 2013

  • Smart ways of using the ‘find and replace’ facility
  • Advanced find and replace options using font formatting
  • Advanced find and replace options using paragraph formatting
  • Advanced find and replace options using paragraph marks
  • Advanced find and replace options using page breaks

Using paste special

  • ‘Paste special’ options using formatted and unformatted text

Using captions within Word 2013

  • Manually adding a caption to a picture or table
  • Removing captions
  • Changing the caption number formatting

Word 2013 footnotes and endnotes

  • Inserting footnotes
  • Editing and formatting footnotes
  • Inserting endnotes
  • Editing and formatting endnotes
  • Converting footnotes to endnotes
  • Converting endnotes to footnotes

Word 2013 bookmarks and cross-references

  • Adding a bookmark
  • Creating a page cross-reference to a bookmark
  • Creating a cross-reference to a numbered item
  • Deleting cross-references
  • Deleting a bookmark

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