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Master documents and Microsoft Word 2013

  • What are master documents?
  • Creating a new master document by creating sub-documents from headings
  • Inserting sub-documents into a master document
  • Unlinking or removing a sub-document from a master document
  • Using text outline options

Microsoft Word 2013 tracking and comments

  • Tracking changes
  • Accepting or rejecting changes
  • Inserting comments
  • Displaying and editing comments
  • Deleting comments
  • Showing or hiding comments

Comparing and combining documents using Microsoft Word 2013

  • Comparing documents
  • Combining revisions from multiple authors

Using a tables of contents, figures & indexes

  • Creating a table of contents
  • Updating a table of contents
  • Creating and updating a table of figures
  • Marking an index entry
  • Marking an index sub-entry
  • Compiling and updating an index

Linking & embedding within Microsoft Word 2013

  • What is object linking?
  • Linking data from a document as an icon
  • Updating a linked document
  • Breaking a document link
  • Linking Excel data and displaying the linked data as an icon
  • Linking an Excel chart to a word document as an icon
  • Linking Excel data and displaying the data within a word document
  • Linking an Excel chart to a word document and displaying the chart
  • Updating an application link
  • Breaking an application link
  • What is object embedding?
  • Embedding data into a document as an object
  • Editing embedded data
  • Deleting embedded data

Using hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 2013 documents

  • Inserting hyperlinks
  • Editing a hyperlink
  • Removing a hyperlink

Using macros within Microsoft Word 2013

  • Macro to change page set-up
  • Macro to insert a table with a repeating heading row
  • Macro to insert fields into a header or footer
  • Assigning a macro to a button on a toolbar

Microsoft Word 2013 fields

  • Inserting the author field into a word document
  • Inserting the file name field into a word document
  • Inserting the file size field into a word document
  • Displaying the developer tab
  • Inserting a plain text fill-in field
  • Inserting a check box field
  • Inserting a drop down field
  • Deleting fields
  • Changing the number formatting used by a field
  • Updating fields
  • Locking and unlocking fields
  • Using the sum formula within a table
  • Word 2013 forms
  • Creating and protecting form text fields
  • Creating and protecting form check boxes
  • Inserting and protecting form drop-down menus
  • Modifying form fields and displaying help
  • Protecting a form
  • Password protecting a form

Advanced Microsoft Word 2013 templates

  • What are word templates?
  • Creating and using a Word 2013 template
  • Editing a personal Microsoft Word template

Advanced mail merging techniques

  • Opening a mail merge recipient list
  • Sorting a mail merge recipient list
  • Editing a field within a mail merge recipient list
  • Adding a record to a mail merge recipient list
  • Deleting a record from a mail merge recipient list
  • Sorting and editing a mail merge recipient list (within the mail merge process)
  • Ask fields and bookmarks
  • Inserting ask fields
  • Inserting if…then…else… fields
  • Using merge criteria in a mail merge

Passwords & editing restrictions in Microsoft Word 2013

  • Adding ‘opening’ password document protection
  • Removing ‘open’ password document protection
  • Adding ‘no modifications’ document password protection
  • Removing a ‘no modification’ document password
  • Allowing only tracked changes or comments
  • Marking a document as a final version

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