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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 customising and compatibility issues

  • Modifying PowerPoint options
  • Compatibility issues when saving a presentation
  • Other file types you can use when saving a presentation
  • Saving a presentation as a template
  • Creating a new presentation based on a customised template
  • Minimising and restoring the ribbon

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 sections

  • Creating & renaming sections
  • Collapsing & expanding PowerPoint sections
  • Reordering sections
  • Removing sections and slides
  • Removing sections

Advanced slide master manipulation within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Inserting slide masters
  • Editing a customised slide master
  • Using customised slide masters

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 themes

  • Applying themes
  • Modifying a theme and saving it as a new theme
  • Setting a theme as the default theme
  • Deleting a theme

Microsoft PowerPoint templates

  • Creating a personal PowerPoint template
  • Editing a personal template

Formatting pictures within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Removing a picture background
  • Colouring pictures
  • Artistic effects
  • Picture styles
  • Picture brightness and contrast
  • Compressing pictures
  • Resetting a picture
  • SmartArt & pictures

Manipulating graphics within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Displaying the ruler
  • Displaying gridlines
  • Displaying guides
  • Distributing graphics horizontally on a slide
  • Distributing graphics vertically on a slide
  • Cropping a graphic
  • Re-sizing pictures
  • Converting a clip art picture to an AutoShape and then editing the AutoShape
  • Saving a graphic as a picture file
  • Applying a background graphic to a single slide
  • Hiding the background graphic on a single slide
  • Applying a background graphic to multiple slides
  • Hiding the background graphics on multiple slides
  • Applying a background graphic to every slide

Formatting AutoShapes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Setting AutoShape background colours
  • Setting AutoShape background gradient colours
  • Setting AutoShape background textures
  • Setting AutoShape background pictures
  • Setting AutoShape colour transparency
  • AutoShape shape effects
  • AutoShape format painter
  • AutoShape defaults

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