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Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Starting PowerPoint 2013 and creating a blank presentation
  • Opening a presentation
  • Navigating between slides
  • Using the zoom tool
  • Changing between PowerPoint views
  • Using help
  • Searching for help
  • Saving a presentation
  • Closing a presentation
  • Closing PowerPoint
  • Opening multiple presentations
  • Switching between multiple presentations

Creating a Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentation

  • Creating a new presentation
  • Inserting new slides into a presentation
  • Recommended techniques when creating slide content
  • Undo and repeat
  • Saving a presentation
  • Saving a presentation using a different name

Manipulating slides within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Inserting slides with a particular slide layout
  • Modifying the slide layout
  • Changing the background colour on the active slide
  • Changing background colour on all the slides within a presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 design themes

  • Applying a theme to a presentation
  • Modifying the theme colours
  • Modifying the theme fonts

Text boxes (placeholders)

  • Editing text boxes (placeholders)
  • Resizing a text box (placeholder)
  • Moving a text box (placeholder)

Manipulating text in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Selecting text
  • Moving text within a slide
  • Moving text between slides within a presentation or between presentations
  • Copying text within a slide
  • Copying text between slides within a presentation or between presentations
  • Deleting text
  • Using find
  • Using replace

Font formatting within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Font formatting options
  • Changing the font type
  • Changing font size
  • Increasing or decreasing the font size
  • Bold, italic or underline formatting
  • Strikethrough effects
  • Shadow effects
  • Character spacing
  • Changing case
  • Font colour
  • Clearing all text formatting

Paragraph formatting within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Text alignment
  • Columns
  • Modifying bullet point formatting
  • Using numbering instead of bullet points
  • Changing the list level
  • Indenting bulleted text
  • Line spacing vs. Paragraph spacing
  • Line spacing
  • Paragraph spacing
  • Using outline view
  • PowerPoint presenter notes
  • Text direction
  • Text alignment within a text box (placeholder)
  • Text AutoFit
  • Using the format painter

Tables and Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Table selection techniques
  • Column selection
  • Row selection
  • Entire table selection
  • Creating a table
  • Applying a style to a table
  • Cell background shading
  • Applying table effects
  • Adding ‘quick styles’ to selected text
  • Applying borders to cells
  • Deleting a column
  • Deleting a row
  • Inserting rows or columns
  • Modifying column width and row height
  • Distributing rows and columns

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 & illustrations

  • Selecting an illustration
  • Selecting multiple illustrations
  • Moving an illustration
  • Copying an illustration
  • Deleting an illustration
  • Resizing an illustration
  • Stretching an illustration
  • Copying illustrations between presentations
  • Moving illustrations between presentations
  • Inserting illustrations within PowerPoint
  • Inserting pictures from your hard disk
  • Inserting online pictures or clip art
  • Inserting shapes
  • Inserting text into a shape
  • Inserting perfect circles or perfect squares
  • Inserting a line
  • Inserting a free drawn line
  • Inserting an arrow
  • Inserting a text box
  • Inserting SmartArt

Manipulating graphic objects within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Formatting the shape background fill colour style
  • Applying a shadow to an illustration
  • Modifying arrow line shapes and size
  • Rotating or flipping an illustration
  • Rotating illustrations by dragging with the mouse
  • Layering illustrations to the front or back
  • Aligning graphics relative to each other or relative to the slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the left of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the centre of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the right of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the top of a slide
  • Aligning shapes relative to the bottom of a slide
  • Grouping and ungrouping objects

Charts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Inserting charts and editing the chart data
  • Changing the chart type
  • Changing the background colour in the chart
  • Changing the column, bar, line or pie slice colours in the chart
  • Chart title manipulation
  • Adding data labels to a chart

Manipulating slides within Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Moving slides within a presentation or between presentations
  • Copying slides within a presentation
  • Deleting a slide or slides
  • Copying slides between presentations
  • Moving slides between presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 slide masters

  • What is a slide master?
  • Inserting a picture (clipart) into a master slide
  • Removing a picture or shape from a master slide

Headers, footers and slide numbering

  • Creating a footer
  • Automatic slide numbering
  • Inserting dates into the footer

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 slide shows

  • Running a slide show
  • Adding slide show transition effects
  • Removing transition effects
  • Adding slide show animation effects
  • Modifying slide show animation effects
  • Removing animation effects
  • Hiding slides
  • Displaying hidden slides within a slide show

Microsoft PowerPoint video creation

  • Converting a PowerPoint presentation into a video

Printing and proofing in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Spell-checking a presentation
  • Using portrait or landscape slide orientation
  • Switching between standard and widescreen formats
  • Selecting your output format
  • Visually inspect each slide before printing
  • Printing options
  • Setting the number of copies to print
  • Selecting a different printer
  • Printing selected slides
  • Setting the number of slides per page to be printed
  • Single or double sided (duplex) printing
  • To print a presentation

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